"Come on, one sip won't kill you! Senior citizens try to convince another oldster to drink a youth potion."

-- DVD description for the episde

Plot Edit

Two radically contrasting elderly couples -- the bitter and bickering Jack and Cynthia and the more content and laid-back Harry and Lucille -- spend a weekend together in the woods. Lucille and Harry produce a magical voodoo potion that restores one's youth and beauty, but the shrewish Cynthia puts a damper on everyone's plans to become young again.

An elderly man is let in on the secret of a youth potion whilst camping in the woods, and entrusts another couple to keep it from his own bitter, overbearing wife.

When the wife learns that her husband isn't going to share it, she sabotaged the potion killing everyone who drinks it. However, she saves it and uses it to become young.

Opening Segment Edit

"GERONIMO! So glad you could drop in, kill-seekers! Don't worry about me, it only *hearse* when I laugh! Boy, that was good! It's even better than hang-gliding! Of course, some folks would rather keep their feet on terra firma, like the people in tonight's putrid piece. They're spending a nice, quiet weekend in the woods, going *hack* to nature! I call this fetid fable...Curiosity Killed."

Closing Segment Edit

"That Cynthia's a real shrieking violet, wouldn't you say, kiddies? A regular afterlife of the party! Didn't know I was a bore scout, did you? Well I am! My horrorticulture scareit badge requires me to plant croak-uses. Hmmm... A shame, really... I'd much rather plant... diebrids!"

Trivia Edit

  • The title is from the old idiom "Curiosity killed the cat".

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