"He's getting a head in the world. Police question a murderer accused of lopping off victims' heads."

-- DVD description for the episode

Confession is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of Tales from the Crypt and the ninety-first episode overall. The episode aired on July 5th, 1996.

Plot Edit

Warhol Evans, a sly horror screenwriter suspected in a series of grisly murders of women whose heads were taken by the killer as trophies, is interrogated by Jack Lynch, a clever hardboiled homicide detective whom every cop idolizes.

Opening Segment Edit

"Read the next line for me, please."

Man: "Okay, I see M, D, C..."

"Okay, that's enough. I think I see what the problem is. Your eyes are in terrible shape. Probably from watching too much Tales From the Crypt. To fix it we will require cohacktive lenses, maybe even radio scare-totomy. Although, there is another test I could perform. We'll start by turning out the lights and making you look at this. It's nasty nugget about a write who's pretty fear-sighted himself. I call this one "Confession."

Closing Segment Edit

"Too bad about Warhol. If he had kept his mouth shut, he wouldn't have gotten a head of himself. Still, I think prison might work as a career move. I hear great things about their chop placement. Well, kiddies, your condition isn't as bad as I thought. A prescription for die-focals should do the trick. Otherwise, your eyes are perfectly fine. Want me to put them back in your head for you?"

Trivia Edit

  • While interrogating Evans, Inspector Jack Lynch produces a book and asks if Evans purchased it in the Occult shop he had visited. The book is titled, 'The Satanic Scriptures', is written by Alan Katz, and is published by Gill Adler Publications. Alan Katz obviously refers to A. L. Katz, and Gill Adler to Gilbert Adler, both producers of Tales from the Crypt (1989).
  • Lynch mentions that he has pulled Evans's credits off the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb), where he noticed that Evans had written something for "a television program called 'Tales from the Crypt'. What's that?", Lynch asks." Ancient history," says Evans, "That was years ago. . . . It's been cancelled now." This episode was among the last three in the seven-year run of Tales from the Crypt (1989).

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