"Every retiree needs a pet project. So Jonas takes up taxidermy, turning the many pets his wife Anita dotes upon into a stuffed menagerie. Sit still. Don't move. This one will leave you in stitches!"

-- DVD description for the episode 

Collection Completed is the sixth and final episode of the first season of Tales from the Crypt and the sixth episode overall. It premiered on June 28th, 1989.

It is the Season 1 finale.

Summary Edit

An uptight elderly man (M. Emmet Walsh) retires and soon discovers his wife's (Audra Lindley) obsession with adopting animals into their home, leading him to use the animals for a hobby of his own.

Plot Edit

The night of Jonas's retirement, his wife Anita organizes a small party with all the animals in the house. He shows that his former colleagues offered him a gold-plated hammer. Having neglected his wife previously, Jonas realizes that she is obsessed by animals, so much so that she has begun treating him like an animal. For example, one of her dogs, a bulldog, was also named Jonas and she gives an aspirin to her husband, by sticking him in a cake. Looking for the ideal hobby to occupy his retreat, he finds a particularly-macabre hobby in his basement: taxidermy, killing all the animals in the house.

Worried about the progressive disappearance of her pets, Anita finds Jonas the dog stuffed, as well as all the other pets she's accumulated over the years. Wanting to save the new cat, she knocks out Jonas with his gold-plated hammer. The next morning, Roy, their neighbor, discovers her watching TV with Jonas, whom she has stuffed.

Opening Segment Edit


"Before I get to tonight's terror tale...I'd like to introduce you to my pet, Peeves. He has a terror tale of his own. Tonight's skin-pimpling story is about a couple with their own pet peeves. I call this chunk of chilling charnel chatter 'Collection Completed.'

Closing Segment Edit


"I guess Jonas learned that a hobby can be very long as you're not too stuffy about it. So, until next time, I want all of you to sit, stay, play dead. Good boy."

Cast Edit

M. Emmet Walsh - Jonas

Audra Lindley - Anita

Martin Garner - Roy

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  • This is the final episode of Season 1.

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