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Charlie Marno is a fat man in the episode "Dead Right".

Early LifeEdit

Cathy Finch was an arrogant girl who visited Madame Vorma at the advice of a friend. Madame Vorna correctly guessed that Cathy wanted to marry a man for his money. Madame Vorna said that she will meet a man who will inherit a lot of money, then die.


Returning at her home and determinate to divorced, she demonstrate her real face by insulting Charlie by calling him a "fat disgusting slob." Sincerely saddened and blessed by the young woman, Charlie become psychotic and stab her with a butcher knife, saying " If I can't have you, nobody can."


Charlie is arrested and soon convicted of second-degree murder. He is sentenced to die at the state penintiary. A news report says that Charlie Marno is being executed for Cathy's killing, which is watched on TV by Madame Vorna.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Jeffrey Tambor.
  • Later, he would be a guest star in Medium featuring Patricia Arquette (Mary Jo) with others guest stars like William Sadler (Niles Tabot), Kelly Preston (Linda), Miguel Ferrer (Mitch Bruckner), Brian Kerwin (Donald) and Carlos Lacamara (Paolo).
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