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Charles is Peggy's husband in the episode "Lover Come Hack to Me".

Early LifeEdit

Only interested by the fortune inherited from her mother, Charles gets married to Peggy, a shy aand disgracious young women. Unknown to her, Charles intends to kill her. At night of their honeymoon, their car breaks down near an abandoned manor house where they spend the night. They decide to make love. Before, Peggy makes up and door of the sexy lingerie, determined that the night will be perfect. In spite of his plan, Charles seems sincerely seduced by Peggy and they make love.


However, he wakes up later and discovers Peggy making love with another man. Feeling betrayed by his wife, he decides otherwise by saying himself that only her fortune counts before realizing that he was in a flashback describing the honeymoon of Peggy's parents. He discovers with dismay the mother killing her husband with an ax, justifying that the perfect happiness can remain eternal only by this way. He wakes up and tried to kill Peggy holding a ax with gun, pretending don't to love her and only interested by the money. Having removed bullets, she kills Charles with the ax.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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