Billy DeLuca is a short tempered ex-convict and older brother of Virgil DeLuca in People Who Live In Brass Hearses. He was played by Bill Paxton.

Early Life Edit

Billy DeLuca used to be an ice cream man just like his boss, Mr. Earl Bird. However, he was trimming his profits and selling his inventory on the side. Because of Earl, Billy got arrested for theft and was sentenced to 2 years in San Quentin Prison, mostly because his inventory was ice cream and by law, if it was items worth over $1,000, he would have done longer time. It's also shown that he has a taste for butter and anything with butter, for example: 4 types of ice cream, butternut, butter-brickle, buttermilk, and butterscotch. He'll even eat a stick of butter.

Current Life and Crime Edit

2 years later, Billy, with the aid of Virgil, plan to get even with Earl by stealing his money and killing him. Too bad the plan went to pieces because Virgil stabbed his boss, Miss Grafunger, Billy had to kill Grafunger with an ice hook before she can blow their cover, Earl drove off in his truck so Billy didn't kill him, Billy and Virgil are facing life with no parole, and they didn't get the money because Grafunger closed the safe and Virgil didn't take any of it out. Just as Billy's revenge was thrown out the window, Virgil reminds Billy that he said Earl had $500 from his services, so now they head for Earl's place. They had Earl at gun point and had him right wear they want them. Unfortunately, when Billy said to Virgil "Let's show him that we have ways of making him talk.", Virgil misunderstood the threat and shot Earl, killing him before he could tell them were to find the money. Now a blood-boiling Billy tells Virgil to search Earl's room while Billy searches the rest of the house. Billy looks in the freezer and finds ice cream boxes full of money, much to Billy's pleasure.

Fate Edit

As Billy was going back to see Virgil and tell him about the money, a gun shot off Billy's leg. And to Billy's shock, he thinks he sees Earl still alive and he also sees Virgil dead, due to Earl killing him. Earl walks toward the creeped out Billy as he taunts him about Billy and Virgil being close as brothers. Earl tells Billy that he and his brother were close until he died. It was revealed that Earl Bird is dead and that he is the Siamese twin brother of the other Mr. Bird, who is taunting Billy and who killed Virgil. As he was explaining about how Earl wasn't a social butterfly but was a great ice cream salesman, especially when doing the voice of his puppet, Little Willie. Billy's last insult was calling Mr. Bird a freak before Mr. Bird kills Billy with Virgil's shotgun.

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