"She'd kill for the part...twice. But it's not acting talent that counts for this role. It's inner beauty!"

-- DVD description for the episode

Beauty Rest is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Tales from the Crypt and the forty-third episode overall. The episode was released on July 11th, 1992.

Summary Edit

An aging model (Mimi Rogers) resorts to murdering her younger rivals (Kathy Ireland and Jennifer Rubin) in order to revive her own modeling career. She soon gets her big break as a contestant in a rather macabre "autopsy" beauty pageant.

Plot Edit

Life hasn't been easy for model Helen (Mimi Rogers). She is getting older and her dreams of hitting the big time are drying out. She thinks she has her big break when she films a commercial called Ball Buster, but loses that to her roommate Joyce, who is a younger woman. Helen then becomes unhinged when Joyce has a letter instructing that an upcoming beauty contest is to be rigged (the letter specifically says "This girl is what we want and have her win" -Tom), then lashes out. She plans to grab it for herself, by spiking a pot of tea with sleeping pills and knocking Joyce out so she would miss the pageant. Helen then returns to Joyce's room, now relaxed and remorseful for her earlier tantrum. Joyce accepts the apology, realizing it is not easy to accept rejection. However, as she drinks the spiked tea, she falls into a coma and dies, Helen unaware that it somehow caused an adverse reaction in Joyce's body. Helen did not intend to kill her roommate, but realizes that now is her chance, as the letter did not mention Joyce by name and there is evidence of foul play the police can find. Helen covers her tracks by forging a letter saying Joyce committed suicide by drug overdose and typed a boilerplate goodbye note prior to this. She then proceeds to the beauty pageant, where she is met by a nerdy host. The host is unsure of the rigged letter, but nervously agrees to it as "whatever Tom wants".

Opening Segment Edit

"Hello, kiddies. What's sinew? I was just in the middle of my deadly dozen. First I do a few pull ups, then a few jumping hacks and then I like to finish with a little die impact aerobics. 8. I am getting in shape for tonight's tale. It's about an ambitious young actress who's looking for her big break. Will she make it? Only her scare-dresser knows for sure. Ohh, I call this dismal drama Beauty Rest."

Closing Segment Edit

"Good old Helen. Talk about an opening night! Now, that's what I call a horrid body. Well, I got to get back to my workout, kiddies. Ooh, I love that burn."

Trivia Edit

  • In the closing segment, the Crypt Keeper is seeing "working out" with two bones attached and skulls on either end. This was the same workout tool he used in the opening for The Switch.

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