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Barry Blye was a aspiring actor in the episode "Top Billing".

Early LifeEdit

Barry Blye was an aspiring actor, dreaming of great role in theater. However all the casting refuse him, pretexting that he was disgracious and himself refuse to play into spot publicity. He was also in conflict with Winton Robbins, an old friend, arrogant, vain and opportunist actor interested only by money and win most roles that him. When his frustrated girlfriend Lisa broke their relationship for another man and that he was fired of their apartment for no respected debt, he choose to spent a cast for to play Hamlet into a glaucous theater where the director is the eccentric Nelson Halliwell. However, Winton wins the role to his jealousy.


Barry visit him into the costume room. Winston remarks a strange thing on the label of Hamlet's suit before to be deathly strangled by his rival. Hiding the body, Barry heard a telephone ring coming from a locked door. Noticing that nobody comes to take down, he does not realize that a motionless person is close to the combined. He return to see Nelson, pretexting that Winton left by fear of having the pamphlet. Also, Barry was recruited for the role. Into the costume room, his joy was prevented when Winton affirm that his role is not Hamlet...


In reality, he was recruted for to play Yorick (the skull bone whom Hamlet address), evidenced by the label. Horrified to see that Nelson and his comedians are insane people, he tried to flee by the locked door. Ironically, the theater room was an extension to an asylum for dangerous mentally ill individuals, all the medical staff was savagely killed. Nelson manage to cut his head. For the first and possibly final time of his life, Barry had a great role.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Jon Lovitz.
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