"Serious side effects include laughter and death when rival doctors mix research with cruel practical jokes."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

Martin Fairbanks (Beau Bridges) would have been a successful surgeon if not for a cruel prank his brother Carl (Tony Goldwyn) played on him years ago. Now merely a research assistant, he resents his sibling who has become a successful surgeon. Martin, however, wants revenge as well as the opportunity to prove the success of his research involving the human brain and makes him the guinea pig of a new serum that mimics death. Carl learns this all too well as his twisted brother combines both these personal goals with chilling results.

Opening Segment Edit

"Ah, a corpse by any other name would smell as sweet. Unless of course, it isn't dead yet. Tonight's tawdry tale is about a man who's gravely concerned about matters of life and death. Why he'd care about that remains to be seen. I call this putrid piece Abra Cadaver."

Closing Segment Edit

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. And Carl thought he was the family's practical joker. Want to play doctor? Then, open wide and say-"

[Crypt Keeper screams]


  • The title is a parody on the word used by stage magicians Abracadabra that goes back to an Aramaic phrase that means appropriately "I will create, as I say".
  • A year earlier, Tony Goldwyn played another character named Carl in Ghost (1990).


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