"A best-selling mystery author may have the talent, but it's her snoopy neighbor who has a plot."

-- DVD description for the episode

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A game of cat and mouse ensues between a female mystery novelist and her jealous former husband when he accuses her of having a love affair with her nosy neighbor's son.

Opening Segment Edit

"It looks like Neptomb has just moved from Virghoul to late Capricorn, which would mean you should avoid any serious romantic enstranglements for awhile, at least until the end of the month when Mercury turns retrograde. Hmm. Something about your horrorscope isn't making sense. Let me see your hand. Yes, interesting. I'm not much at bleeding palms, but your future seems rather cloudy. Kind of like the woman in tonight's tale. She's been contemplating her scar sign, too, in a nasty nugget I call "A Slight Case of Murder."

Closing Segment Edit

"Looks like Sharon's due for a little career change from writing novels to screamplays. But with a talent like hers, I'm sure she'll just grim and bear it. Now I know what's bothering me. You know, the zodi-hack never lies. You told me you were Sagittarius, but the truth is, you're Pieces."

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